Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rush, Rush, Rush

Gosh, tonight was one of those nights where I wonder how I lived before yoga?

I went and got my silly knee looked at before class by an Orthopedist. The imaging showed a bone bruise. So, all and all not bad news considering what it could have been. I had the bloody fluid aspirated from just below my knee cap and it feels loads better than it did earlier. Due to the procedure taking longer than normal I was running late to class, which meant I had to change clothes on the way to the studio while driving. Let's just say you can be very glad you were not was hilarious! I got the studio parking lot right at 6 when starts and quickly called and let them know that I was running in. Needless to say I was NOT in a calm, meditative mood walking into the hot box!

Ame, the studio owner was teaching tonight. I love when she teaches, she gives great feedback, awesome energy, has amazing stories and all in all is just a nice person. BUT...I wanted to screech (visualize an owl!) out at her tonight. During Pranayama breathing I was trying my best to let the craziness of my day go...but, it seemed like she was talking way more than normal at that stage in class. I tried to tune it out and just focus....I wasn't so successful. :( Obviously, that's my issue and my journey. I'm still having issues with controlling my breathing throughout class. Hoping, hoping, hoping for a breakthrough in that area soon. For a great quote on this subject check out dancingj's quote on lz's blog. I LOVE it!

I've got a sore throat so I'm going to make some hot tea and go to bed early for once!

P.S. Does anyone know if it's Arnica that helps with bruising?


  1. Yes, Arnica gel! It's GREAT!! You can put it on a few times a day and you'll really see a difference. Also good for sore muscles.

    I like your countdown clock, there... :D

    And I'm glad you liked that quote. All credit for that one goes to my teacher Diane back in Boston. She's awesome.

  2. Thanks dancingj! I'm headed to our natural foods store to get some in the morning. Maybe I should stock up before Bikram 101 if it's good for soreness! :D