Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 1 Continued!

I was thinking about the changes that I see in my practice since my 3 week "break". It's interesting because some of my bad habits are simply gone. Such as:

  • Wiping Sweat
  • Obsession over water 
  • Wiping my hands on my shorts

I'm glad they slipped away!

Day 1's practice was once again a good session. I love practicing with the group that was invited to the private (Thanks again John!). They are all dedicated and the energy is one of pure commitment, determination and so supportive. I'm going to this morning's 9:30 and then hopefully the private tonight again. I'm going to try to keep an extra practice stored up for when I need it! 

I'm headed out to ski after this morning's session. We have a ton of tourists still in town from the holidays. On New Year's Eve there were a record breaking 17,000 skiers/boarders at Beaver Creek (CO). It was pure madness I tell ya! I can't wait for our quiet mountains to return to the normal serene state.