Saturday, January 2, 2010

A War Between Equals

I don't really understand the contentious nature that exists between Bikram students and Hot Yoga students and to be honest, the more I learn the sadder I get. I understand why exists between Bikram, himself and those teachers that have chosen to go their own way. I understand why they would have hard feelings.  But for it to have carried over to so many have such tension exist because of politics that basically boil down to money and control is so disheartening.

Since I'm still a relative "newbie" to all of this I've been reading books, researching online, visiting studios when I travel...all things I was to continue forever, but, probably not with the same enthusiastic zeal...i.e. staying up till 4am reading a bikram forum. Lol! I've embraced the community with which I practice with and the greater yoga community as a whole and in turn I've been embraced. Which I guess makes my heartache even more for this divide...I can see what the "Bikram community" was like before "the great divide". What are your thoughts?